Sawn Timber

We have long experience in production of differents type of sawn timber (lumber). Mainly we are specialized in production of hardwood sawn timber (lumber) for industries of furniture, flooring, windows, doors, stairs and other solid wood manufacturers.

We are offering birch, oak and ash sawn timber (lumber) of different measures and qualities.

Fresh cut; kiln dried; edged; unedged – birch, oak and ash sawn timber (lumber).

Main measures for kiln dried (fresh cut) sawn timber (lumber) are:

- Thickness: 25 (28); 32 (35); 38 (42); 50 (54) mm
– Width: 100 – 400 mm
– Length: from 300mm

Birch Sawn Timber

Oak Sawn Timber

Ash Sawn Timber

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