About us

Esveko Wood Ltd was established in 1999 under the name of Esveko Trade LTD in Tallinn.

The company is 100% based on Estonian capital. The company began operations in southern
Estonia, mainly in Põlva and Võru county, by offering timber harvesting, forestry management
services and timber sales.

To add value to timber we started to produce a variety of lumber for different industries, but
mainly focusing in producing high quality birch sawn timber.

In 2002 we expanded our production of softwood sawn timber by acquiring a base in Russia,
Vologda where we specialized in producing pine and spruce sawn timber. The same year we
started production of hardwood sawn timber in Ukraine, Sumi region (mainly oak, ash and
birch sawn timber).

Since 2008, we sold the production of softwood sawn timber (lumber) in Russia due to a drop in
demand, but we still continue to produce hardwood sawn timber until present day in Ukraine.

Since 2009, we started to manufacture birch and alder firewood in Estonia, in Põlva county. Presently, we have purchased new machines in order to ensure the smooth
delivery to our partners.

Our company is constantly evolving, improving the production cycle of production by
purchasing modern machinery to mantain a stable and high quality firewood and sawn timber (lumber).